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The idea for Red Flags Brewing Company came up one night when our two founders were out to see a band at a local bar in Hebron, Connecticut; The Greenleaf Cafe. While Kadin and JoAnn were catching up over his travel back to Connecticut a girl approached Kadin and began to try to get him to buy her drinks and maybe take her home. After a little bit Kadin approached the bar and the bartender tried to make him see she was bad news. Later Kadin moved on because he felt like something was off, That's when JoAnn said there needs to be a drink or something for those of us who can't see the red flags. She began to say its gotta be like the angel shot, but something the bartender can give to you, or a friend can get you to let you know that someone is bad news. 

Thus Red Flags Brewing Company was born, The company has two missions behind the beer and hard seltzers, one as a joke for those friends who never see the red flags. This could be out at a bar, a party, or a gag gift for someone after a divorce. The most important mission behind Red Flags Brewing Company is SAFETY! Having a drink in bars that a bartender can give someone when things are not looking good or a friend can get to you; this helps the party see and understand that the person they are talking too may not have their best interests at heart or could cause emotional or physical harm to them allowing them to try to move away. 

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